At Bond Gallery, we see providing our client with the best home loan deal with all the South African major banks as a process that requires time, commitment, passion and attention to detail. We research and will find the best home loan bond for your home.

When two people look at a piece of art one interpretation may differ to the other. When Bond Gallery looks at ‘the art of home finance’ however, we all arrive at the same definition:

The constant pursuit of excellence within the home finance industry to offer our clients the most choice and the best service through a highly trained sales force whose passion knows no boundaries.

How do you get a home loan from the bank?

When you want to apply for a new home loan at the bank… we help you to secure the best home loan finance directly with all the banks, and we compare them to find the best deal for your home at no cost to you. What makes a home loan better? A lower interest rate for starters, which could mean hundreds and thousands of rands in savings over your bond term. In our experience, when you compare multiple bank offers side-by-side, their interest rates typically vary by 0.5% – sometimes more – so shopping around will ensure the banks compete for your deal.  We partner with all the leading banks to get you the best home loan deal available.


For assistance when it comes to securing a home finance deal that works for you contact Bond Gallery today.

Via our excellent relationships with the banks, sound advice, passionate staff and extensive range of value added products we practice the art of home finance on a daily basis.

Get Prequalified

A credit check is the first thing a bank will do when assessing your application for a home loan or bond. Are you confident of the outcome? Before you start house hunting, do a home loan pre qualification check with us.

Apply for a Home Loan

Complete the easy home loan application form, and we will do ll the hard work. We will ensure that all your documentation is correct to be submitted to all the banks, and we’ll find you the best interest rates available.

Quick Apply Form

Allow us do a quick pre qualification for your home loan. This will let you know what you home loan amount your qualify for and will speed up the process with the banks. Be sure, by doing this pre qualification with Bond Gallery.


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